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Les Breastfeeders


Montreal rock ‘n’ roll outfit Les Breastfeeders has been playing their explosive garage rock around Quebec for almost 20 years. They've toured their fiery performances across Europe as well as some of the biggest cities around North America. Les Breastfeeders follow their own path, still blowing away audiences six strings at a time!


Le combo rock’n’roll culte refait finalement surface avec un maxi court, mais ô combien efficace ! [...] Si les Breastfeeders voulaient mettre le feu aux poudres, c’est réussi. Vivement la suite ! André Péloquin, Le Journal de Québec
'Ma mort d’avant ma mort‘ is a tale of forlorn love backed by a spaghetti western energy [...] 50thirdand3rd
Ma Mort D'avant Ma Mort finds Les Breastfeeders showing a little "progression". Moving away from the band's signature wild '60s punk sound, this track takes the psychedelic garage route with elegantly hypnotic guitars, great-sounding harmonies, and a toe-tapping beat that is very hard to resist. Faster and Louder
Des guitares entraînantes, des percussions qui font taper du pied et des paroles qui défoulent, voilà la recette gagnante qu’est Ma mort d’avant ma mort. VOIR
C’est mélodieux et Luc Brien n’a rien perdu de son charme naturel au micro. Ne boudez pas votre plaisir et laissez-vous aller au rythme entraînant du groupe. Le Canal auditif
Les Breastfeeders c’est l'incarnation du rock'n'roll. Philippe Renaud, La Presse
Back at the still-heaving Bar Hic, Montreal’s Les Breastfeeders are a solid mass of sound ’n’ signifiers. As mop-headed and tight as Cavern-era Beatles or Ramones in CBGB, they get away with the temerity of their revivalism by doing it so well. It’s garage, but built from titanium breezeblocks. Tim Burrows, The Stool Pigeon
Les Breastfeeders nous font le coup de la maturité sur Dans la gueule des jours. Enfin... Si on entend par maturité le fait de comprimer l’ensemble du chemin parcouru sur 13 titres endiablés et accrocheurs, de ne jamais abdiquer ni faire de compromis et de trouver le moyen de se renouveler fiévreusement dans la plus totale cohérence, on peut le dire comme ça. J.P. Tremblay, Nightlife Magazine
Montreal’s very own garage stompers Les Breastfeeders prove the third time is indeed a charm with this killer piece o’ plastic.  8/10 Johnson Cummins, Mirror
Les arrangements, tant vocaux qu'instrumentaux, sont impeccables; les chansons se fredonnent après une seule écoute et nous restent dans la tête. Marc-André Pilon, Bande à part
The sound of this album has been worked on lovingly; crank it up and the short songs are pure head-bobbing earphone delight. After the 35 minutes are over, press restart. Juan Rodriguez, The Montreal Gazette
Thankfully, attention-grabbing bands like French-Canadians Les Breastfeeders make one forget one's foreign language purgatory. Despite the communication barrier, these Montreal-rooted miscreants succeed with ceaseless energy, blendin mod-punk, yeye and lusty garage-pop to yield a bouncy, guitar stroked throwdown. Not since the '80s cave dwellers the Gruesomes has a canuck band captured so perfectly that Sonics-style, basement-spawned garage menace. Ron Bally, HARP
The frug-tastic garage pop unleashed by Montreal’s Les Breastfeeders hits the pleasure center like a big sloppy French (language) kiss. Duelling fille et garçon vocalists Luc Brien and Suzie McLelove careen around the stage like a demolition-derby version of Sonny and Cher, leaving a trail of heartbreak and hip-shake in their wake. Sprague, The Village Voice
Contrary to popular belief, lyrics need not be understood to be appreciated. To wit: if you can't decode the rough-and-tumble francais of Les Breastfeeders, don't fret. Just enjoy the good, old fashioned garage-rock, which they sling like a fat smoked meat sandwich (scratching your head? Go to Montreal).
If you have one reason to run to Canada and set your U.S. passport on fire, this Montreal band ought to do the trick. Ann Sterzinger, Chicago Reader