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Tricky Woo

Sometimes I Cry

Release Date
Vinyl, Digital


  1. Altamont Raven
  2. Fly the Orient
  3. Born Due
  4. Allright
  5. Let the Goodtimes Roll
  6. I Need Love
  7. Sad Eyed Woman
  8. Hypnotic Persuasion
  9. Electric Orchard
  10. Fell From a Cloud
  11. Tails of a Sunray
  12. Lady of the Wind

Blow The Fuse is excited to announce the vinyl release of Montreal cult outfit Tricky Woo’s first three albums, due out October 8th, 2021. This is a first for two albums out of the trilogy, only released on CD until now. The reissues are available for pre-order as a 3-LP bundle now.

Sometimes I Cry remains Tricky Woo’s most influential album to this day. Yielding a “should’ve been a crossover hit” with single Fly The Orient, the album marries eyeball-bursting technicolor artwork by frontman Andrew Dickson, with riffs borrowed from Funhouse-era Stooges and the MC5, to far less likely inspirations such as Uriah Heep, AC/DC and even Aerosmith. Embracing massive riffs, fuzzed-out space echo guitar, bad-vibe lyrics about electric orchards, fields of fire, falling from clouds, this was clearly no longer garage rock, or garage punk, but a kind of weird, maximum energy “acid punk” : something like Blue Cheer’s Vincebus Eruptum played at 45rpm.