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Tricky Woo

Rock and Roll Music Part One

Release Date
Digital, Vinyl


  1. Hot Kitty
  2. The Claw
  3. Pussy Power
  4. Get Around
  5. Crime
  6. I Am the Leper
  7. Tough Shakes
  8. Aladinspain
  9. Kentucky Derby
  10. Wholesale
  11. Duane Eddy
  12. 16/17

Blow The Fuse is excited to announce the vinyl release of Montreal cult outfit Tricky Woo’s first three albums, due out October 8th, 2021. This is a first for two albums out of the trilogy, only released on CD until now. The reissues are available for pre-order as a 3-LP bundle now.

Initially released on SSG, the first Vice Magazine-affiliated label, Rock and Roll Music Part One (1997), the band’s debut LP is a focused collection of breathless, rock & roll nuggets, chock full of ear-worm hooks, and as close to a pure garage rock record as the band would ever make. Drawing on inspirations like Chuck Berry, Duane Eddy, The Damned, Buzzcocks, and a pinch of glam via Alice Cooper for good measure, it was a perfect snapshot of Tricky Woo’s early sonic M.O. Back in 1997, the album was available on CD for only a few months, before both the distribution company and label folded, leaving it in limbo. Rock and Roll Music Part One is finally given a proper release, with Andrew Dickson’s original concept cover art - deemed too “weird” at the time - restored to its rightful place.